We've lowered the Clarion Magazine subscription rate to $29/year and have extended all active subscriptions on a pro-rated basis retroactive to Oct 1 2015. We're still working hard on the archive site rewrite and hope to have that back on line soon, and will be back to publishing on this site once that's done. Details to follow. 

News from Thin@
CIDC day one summary

Last week was just jammed. It started off with two days of excellent NetTalk training, followed by three days of awesome DevCon presentations that ran to almost twelve hours on Wednesday and Thursday and about ten hours on Friday. Throw in some post-conference mini golf, a 5:45 a.m. wake-up for my morning flight, a lengthy (and unrelated to Clarion) meeting at a local community club barely an hour after my plane landed, an early morning sports practice for my daughter the next day, and by Sunday afternoon I was about as tired as I've felt in the last five years. I crashed for a couple of hours. 

And of course there's a lot of work to catch up on after a week away. But I still have a bunch of notes from DevCon, and once I get those posted I'll write up some of my conclusions. Among other things I had a lot of interesting conversations with ClarionMag and DevRoadmaps subscribers, and I've learned a thing or two. I've started implementing some changes that I think will make ClarionMag folk happy. 

Stay tuned, and thanks for your patience! 

CIDC training under way

I've had several questions about RSS feeds. You can use one of our predefined RSS feeds or you can create your own.

RSS feeds are available to subscribers; you will need to log in, which means your RSS reader needs to support authentication.

Predefined feeds

Custom feeds

To create your own feeds use the Feed Builder. You'll be able to choose which parts of the site to follow, how many items to include, how far back to go, and more. 

How to print articles

I had an email from a subscriber today asking how to print articles. Just calling Print from the browser's menu only prints the first page. 

To print an entire article, click on the Tools button (upper right of the window) and choose Export to PDF. That will give you a document in printer-friendly format. 

I've checked space permissions and this option should now be visible almost everywhere. If you find an article you can't print this way please let me know.

Until a couple of days ago we were running DevRoadmaps behind Apache. I had problems getting some URLs to map to their correct location (like and and Benjamin Krajmalnik recommended I try Nginx, a proxy server used by many sites including some giants like GitHub and WordPress. 

As always, his recommendation was right on the money and the above links are now working. Thanks Benjamin!

We're trying out a new proxy server, so the site may be briefly unavailable from time to time. 

Home pages updated

DevRoadmaps is organized into "spaces", and each space has its own home page. We've updated the look of a number of these home pages, including clarionfreeclarionarticles, the Clarion Wiki, the DevRoadmaps Wikinonsqlsql and the .NET Wiki

This is the Victoria Day long weekend in Canada, and we're adding on an extra day at the end. The office will reopen on Wednesday, May 23.

For now, the major reshuffling of pages is a wrap. There will be many more changes in the future, I'm sure, but the basic structure is pretty much the way we want it for now. 

Page reorg mostly done

Most of the planned page changes are now done, and notifications of new items have been made public. 

We still have some home page changes to make for the individual spaces. Until that happens you may see some entries with different dates from those on the home page (as we had to re-post the blog entries). 

We're doing some significant reorganization of pages on the site to make it easier for non-subscribers to see what kind of content is available.

This also means moving some blog content from subscriber-only spaces to public spaces. 

One exception is the Clarion third party space - blog posts there will still only be visible to subscribers.

Thanks for your patience.