DMC Gold version 3 will be released on September 14th

Hello all,

I am pleased to inform you that DMC version 3 will be officialy released as GOLD level on September the 14th.

Roughly ONE YEAR of work in clarion 8 is contained in this NEW version PACKED with goodies!

Please take a peek look at this online History page

(and I am not sure not to have forgotten something in this list)

One of the MAIN interest of version 3 is for ALL users an Interface entirely rewritten to make YOUR life EASIER as ALL tasks are flatened out and :
NO more drilling down through "wizards"
NO more closing and opening of DMC when running a Profile or Porting to SQL

Then DMC will allow you to display an SQL dateTime as it is STORED on the server and not (only) "à la clarion" with a simple global setting....

Then DMC will allow you to open in VIEWER SEVERAL tables at the SAME TIME and navigate between them from TABS

Then DMC allows you from your DCT editor in Clarion 8 to OPEN any table (yes even ODBC tables) directly and even to CONVERT any table to another FORMAT (yes even to SQL) on the fly!

MUCH more to version 3 ....

Please take a peek look at this screenhot page
(click in images to enlarge)

Do you like what you see ? <g>

I will be giving TWO webinars on on September 14th (DMC official release) and on the next friday 21st. September to present also the Port to SQL (with NEW SUPER COOL features) and Runtime Engine demos also.


I would like to take this opportunity to REMIND existing users of DMC with a "version 2 lifetime" lic. that they will NOT be able to install this version of DMC if they do not renew their Software Maintenance Plan
BEFORE it expires and requesting a NEW serial from within DMC version 2 (or any BETA version 3 installed)

For anyone with a valid subscription (even "version2 lifetime" ones), you can download and install OVER your version2 a BETA version 3 from this link

For anyone with an ellapsed subscription (or new users) you can TEST this BETA version 3 (from the same link)

Thank you for your attention.