Converting legacy apps to ABC

In a recent newsgroup discussion Bo Schmitz pointed out that Clarion 5.5 shipped with the source code for a legacy to ABC converter, but it does not compile in newer versions of Clarion.

Bo has written a converter, with a negotiable price for its use. See From Bo's newsgroup post:

BoTXA makes these changes to the Legacy TXA :

 1.) Changes Legacy to OOP Templates and prompts
 2.) Changes Procedure returns, etc.
 3.) Changes Toolbars to ABC
 4.) Adds Progress Windows and local variable to Processes and Reports
 5.) Adds missing Detail Use Labels in Reports.
 6.) Fixes the Resizer problems.
 7.) Removes unneeded local variables.
 8.) Changes file syntax to FileManager ABC (OPEN(FILE) >> Access:FILE.Open)
in embeds.
 9.) Declares all procedures Globally to mimic Legacy, see How to Do button
for next page.
10.) Optional- Move Legacy embeds code to recommended ABC replacement

Third party support includes:

  • CapeSoft
  • ClarCom
  • Comsoft7
  • CPCS
  • IceTips
  • Mike Hanson Super Templates
  • RPM