The ClarionMag Library (CML)

With the return to the ClarionMag brand for this site it became necessary to rebrand the DevRoadmaps Clarion Library (DCL) as the ClarionMag Library (CML) and give it a new repository in GitHub. 

Read about the changes here. 

DCL to CML changes under way

We've copied the DCL docs to this new location and are still in the process of scrubbing the pages and fixing all the text and links. If you notice anything amiss feel free to please post a comment at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

The ClarionMag Library (CML) is a collection of classes gleaned from the original Clarion Magazine site as well as new source from this site. It includes a variety of utility classes as well as ClarionTest (CML), a unit testing framework created specifically for Clarion.

How to get the repository

See The ClarionMag Library (CML) on GitHub.

How to use the library

See How to use the ClarionMag Library (CML). You may also want to read about the CML directory tree structure. If you're new to object-oriented programming, check out Object oriented programming in Clarion.


We're working on the class library docs, which you can find here.