THIN@ Solution is Switching Over to A Subscription Model!

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As of January 20th 2016, license for Thin@ Solution will be available through a new subscription model. 

The biggest news for the users is that a buyer of a yearly subscription becomes licensed for the use of Thin@ on an unlimited number of servers over during subscription validity period (previously, a new license needed to be purchased for each new server). During the subscription period users will be entitled to upgrades as well as user support. Upon expiry of the subscription, existing licenses will remain valid but users will not be able to install to new servers and download and install upgrades.

Existing users will be able to download new versions of Thin@ until June 1st 2016.

During the past three years, Thin@ Solution has become a popular tool in the Clarion community, recognized by its users as a professional Smart Client solution which easily and quickly transforms Clarion applications into SaaS Business Internet Applications. Through its new subscription model, Thin@ is now becoming more available to smaller organizations.